The Most Important Social Media Image Sizes

The most important social media image dimensions

When I was still at Blogging School, I was taught that you HAVE to write articles that are AT LEAST as long as Rapunzel’s hair.


I have no idea actually.

“Some” say it’s because Google’s love for you will be SO MUCH deeper, if you drag on and on and on.

(Which is a lie because Google’s a crazy bitch changing her mind almost as often as this greedy guy going by the name of Face Book).

“Others” say your readers will be so incredibly impressed by all your expert knowledge that they’ll tweet about you every once in a Mercury retrograde.

(I’m not sure what this even means but I read about it in a very long post that went on and on and on).

Then, of course, there are those who simply repeat what they’ve heard from “Some” and “Others”.

Which is why I decided to quit Blogging School and do what I love the most:

Keep things short, simple and actionable.

Below please find NOT this year’s most detailed social media image size overview ever, but one that’s actually gonna help you get things done.

(If you’re wondering why I’ve put the same size for both Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds make sure to read THIS POST first).

Ready to start PIMPING your social media platforms?

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And if you would like to know how to make resizing HUNDREDS of images something you can easily fit into the

  • officially 120
  • but realistically more like 35 seconds

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