PicMonkey Class – Tutorials & Videos | Create Stunning Visuals

The Happiest PicMonkey Student Andrea Amador, The Juicy Woman

“Nathalie, I think you’re amazing and I’m over the moon grateful for your tutorials. After my husband gave me the gift of your tutorials, I spent all of Saturday reveling in the beauty and simplicity of the PicMonkey videos loving each and every one of them.

You’ve truly outdone yourself, going above and beyond, surpassing any expectation of amazing I had. I am bowled over at how easy you make it for the viewer to know exactly how to create their own fabulous signature design.

As a gal who really digs design, I am deeply indebted to you for giving me the power to create beauty at my fingertips. You rock!”


You are insanely good at what you do.
But your design doesn't quite show it.
You love to learn and be creative.
Just not with nerdy software.
You hate waiting & paying for expensive experts.
Who OVERpromise and UNDERdeliver.
It's time for some sweet PicMonkey love.
PicMonkey Class – Tutorials & Videos | Create Stunning Visuals

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to:

PicMonkey Class – Tutorials & Videos | Create Stunning Visuals

REALLY stand out on social media platforms

Create opt-in pages that convert like crazy

Have sales pages which make clients drool & moan

Design PDFs more gorgeous than Brad Pitt in his early years

Draw clients in with an irresistible “I’ve got to have this!” brand

And save a lifetime’s shoe allowance on expensive tools or “pros”

I’ve got you covered!

In my Pimp Your Visuals with PicMonkey Class you will learn how to:

PicMonkey Class – Tutorials & Videos | Create Stunning Visuals

And you will love it!

  • Melissa Zoske

    Melissa Zoske

    “Nathalie’s free training is FANTASTIC. It is actually so good it should be paid-for. She is an amazing teacher!”


  • Silvia Bianco

    Silvia Bianco

    “Nathalie has the rare ability to take seemingly complicated visuals and walk you through each step so that even a tech phobe like me can easily follow and implement. My design wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without her guidance.”


  • Shoshana Beck

    Shoshana Beck

    “Nathalie, you are an answer to my prayers! I’ve been overwhelmed by all the options out there for image-making. I love your easy step-by-step approach. Thank you so much for putting this all together!”

  • Dr. Kristy Goodwin

    Dr. Kristy Goodwin

    “I use Nathalie’s tutorials because I want to maximise how I use PicMonkey. Simple and clear step-by-step instructions really make them different from other programs and the results are as promised. Nathalie offers great value at a great price, and I’d definitely recommend her work to other entrepreneurs who want to create their own high-quality graphics.”


  • Karin Wess

    Karin Wess

    “Nathalie has an incredible talent for turning vague ideas into mind-blowing visuals that take your entire brand to the next level. She really is a design super star!”.


Of course
If you hate easy-to-use software
Feel that your brand already is Oscar-worthy
Prefer to spend your money on expensive services rather than high heels
Or simply like plain and boring visuals
This class is NOT for you!

So what exactly do I get?


Unlimited access to your tutorials so that you can watch, learn and implement whenever you want


Spot-on and detailed video tutorials


Real-life design examples with written step-by-step instructions

Loving support in a private Facebook group

PicMonkey Class – Tutorials & Videos | Create Stunning Visuals

I’m a complete design newbie. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely! You don’t need to be Picasso to create mind-blowing visuals. The class includes plenty of real-life examples and I’m showing you exactly how to use ready-made design elements and combine them into unique graphics.

I’m a tech-phobe. Can I still take your class?

This class is perfect for you! Firstly, PicMonkey is not Photoshop. Secondly, you do not only get step-by-step video tutorials but also written step-by-step instructions. Thirdly, I’m an actual teacher with a college degree and years of experience (plus I’m trained in hypnotherapy and will make all your fears go away :-)).

I’d love to take your class but what if I don’t have that much time to learn right now?

You can take all the time you need because you’ve got “forever access” to the class. Hey, I’m a busy mum of two toddlers and two dogs, too, so I know what it’s like!

I’d love to take your class but what if I still have questions after watching a tutorial?

You ask! That’s what our private Facebook Group is for. I really mean it when I say I’m there for you.