Facebook Hacks: How I Increased My List Sign-Ups By 433% With One Simple Trick

Facebook Hacks: How I Increased My List Sign-Ups By 433% With One Simple Trick

Do you wanna know which ONE thing totally changed my life lately?

UNsubscribing from 80% of all the Facebook Groups I’ve been in.

I also turned OFF almost ALL automatic notifications (my inbox has never looked prettier!).

Plus I broke-up with (UNFRIENDED) some people whose “I’M NOT SAYING I’M TOTALLY AWESOME BUT, REALLY, I AM SO TOTALLY & INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!” posts had started to seriously get on my highly sensitive nerves.

(I know I can sound like a total mitch. I’m not. I just needed to clear some counter-productive social media energy ;-)).

But, of course, FB is not all bad.

If we don’t get sucked into its dark dark vortex, it can really help us build our email lists – and I’m NOT talking about paid for ads, here.

For example, I increased my email sign-ups by 433% with one simple Facebook Hack that didn’t even take me 5 minutes.

(The 433% is not a fictitious number I came up with because it sounds impressive – Facebook threw it right at me when I checked on my stats.)

So, now would be the time to tell you how I did this.

But before I do so, I want you to make a promise.

Not to me – to yourself.

Raise your hand and repeat after me:

“Hereby I solemnly swear that I’m gonna take Nathalie’s FREE Biz Cookie and eat it, i.e. IMPLEMENT it, right away. Cookie Hoarding is just for people who like Biz Cellulites, and I’m so not one of them!”

(Before you ask: I have no idea what Biz Cellulites is but I sure as hell wouldn’t want it!).

Here’s your Cookie. ENJOY!

Like I said: if you already are a member of the PIMP family: check our Secret Archives to download your grid.

If you aren’t a member yet, click below and you’ll get the grid plus an entire video training series on top of it.


1) If you like this Cookie, you will LOVE the next one coming soon!

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thanks for sharing 2

I mean it.

Daily making a nutritious dinner for toddlers loudly claiming they’d rather have pancakes or pizza is already frustrating enough.

Let’s build your biz together,


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