Wanna know how to get your clients to mouth-water, drool and rave over everything you put on the plate? Click PLAY.

Conquering the online world despite an ugly look worked just fine a couple of years ago.

If you want your brand to induce mass-drooling of raving fans TODAY, however, a lame pick-up / tagline won’t get you far.


Wouldn’t the Internet be a much nicer place, if website visitors didn’t behave like teenage speed-daters trying to get into the hottest chick’s pants faster than Bill Gates is making money?

But with new online entrepreneurs being
born every second, NO ONE is gonna care
about your latest, awesome,
eBooks & PDFs, if they come in a crappy package.
Yes! The online world can be "oh so shallow".

But if you know how to grab people by their eye balls and serve them your insanely useful content in a package

that makes Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blanik shoe collection look like a mingle-mangle of ugly Dutch clogs.

This black hole of hurried by-passers turns into a joyful kingdom of loyal clients
who will treat you like a queen.

You don’t need a design knight in shining armor or a ransacked treasure chest to build it!

All you need is everyday tools and the Pimp Your Visuals eBook and PDF Design Class For Non-Techy & Non-Nerdy Entrepreneurs :

Am I a little crazy because I have a bright yellow kitchen, an orange pantry and am dreaming of a Coca Cola red retro fridge? Maybe.

But if you are into DIY design with non-nerdy & non-techy tools, you can stop speed-dating. I’m officially allowing you to get into my pants!


So what exactly do you get?

Picmonkey-Class-Components-1 Unlimited access to your tutorials so that you can watch, learn and implement anytime.

Picmonkey-class-components-2 Actionable, step-by-step videos.

PicMonkey_class-Components_3 Real-life design examples & written step-by-step instructions.

Me. In a private FB group. You can ask me anything you want. I’ll share with you all I know.

I’m totally uncreative. Really. I have no eye for design whatsoever. Should I still enroll in your class?

My dear fellow entrepreneur, if you really are as crappy a designer as you seem to believe, you have to enroll in this class. Not only am I revealing all the functions and tools that I’m using for my own work, the Cheat Sheets that go with the video tutorials serve as design examples. And you are free to “steal” them. Plus the class comes with a private Facebook Group in which you can ask me ANYTHING. Even things totally class-unrelated.

Do I first need to enroll in your PicMonkey class before I can take your design class?

No, you don’t. I’m actually allowing you a sneak peek into the PicMonkey course with one of the bonus videos that come with this class. However, if you want to create PDFs with lots of DIY pictures (think recipes booklets or other documents containing photos) and feel your photos don’t look all that great, the PicMonkey Class comes in very handy. You can check it out, here .

Which everyday tools are you gonna teach us in this class?

In this class we’ll be covering the most important things you need to know about Canva, a little bit of PicMonkey (if you’re also interested in my PicMonkey Class, check it out HERE ). I’ll show you my favorite free resources and apps, and the actual designs we’ll create in MS Word. (Yes, seriously. I know it sounds totally lame, but I do EVERYTHING in Word).

Is your class an evergreen or do I have to enroll NOW?

I made this class an evergreen because I’m as busy an entrepreneur as you and I know that doing something NOW is not always possible. But if you actually feel like enrolling, I’m with my friend Mike and say: JUST DO IT. Every document you create as of now which doesn’t look awesome, is a chance wasted to make your dream clients fall in love with you.


This class is NOT the right thing for you if:

1) You want to become an actual graphic designer who thinks there’s nothing more erotic than Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

2) You feel that plain grey text is enough to send your clients to Happy Ever After Land.

3) You are looking for an in-depth, “I wanna learn all the 1.6 million features of MS Word” tutorial.

4) You think that “Pimp Your Visuals” is a stupid name for a website.

Will be released on March 1st after the Early Bird Offer ends


1) 25 gorgeous and brand-neutral Done For You Background Textures which I use for my own worksheets and website.

2) Another video tutorial on how to easily customize a store-bought mascot in AI format by using the FREE trial version of Adobe Illustrator (don’t panic, this is the ONLY thing you’ll ever see from Adobe, and I swear it’s totally pain-free).

3) A Sneek Peak into my Picmonkey Class.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. No. Questions. Asked.

See you on the other side!