Is There A Universal Social Media Image Size?

Is there a universal social media image size?

Wouldn’t it be great to binge-feed our social media accounts with highly sharable, insanely likable and unbelievably traffic-driving UNIVERSAL images?


Unfortunately, finding a universal social media image size is about as easy as finding a universal charger for our 325.7 mobile devices, or a remote control that really works for all the boxes we need to watch ONE simple movie on demand.


…if I hadn’t found a way to let at least two of our social media feeds shine brighter than a hardcore Hollywood-bleached smile.

*drumroll, drumroll, drumroll …

There is a universal image size you can use for both Facebook and Twitter!


This is a post you can find on one of my

And this is the same picture as it shows up on Twitter:

I’m not gonna lie to you:

Up until now, I’ve treated my own Twitter account worse than her ugly stepmother treated Cinderella.

Because I don’t have enough time to create 5,423 visuals for 763 different social media accounts!

But since social media are a FANTASTIC way to boost our business, I’ve been playing around to come up with ways to speed-up the entire photo finding, editing and posting process.

And Garfield couldn’t look more pleased than I’m looking right now.

Watch our latest Biz Cookie Video below to find out about our Secret Universal Image Size for Facebook And Twitter.

(And how to make sure no important info gets cut off!)

So, did I promise you a universal social media image size or what?

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In my next post, I’ll show you the MOST TIME EFFICIENT WAY TO RESOURCE MORE PHOTOS THAN YOU MAY EVER NEED – even for commercial projects.

Seriously, you do NOT want to miss this!

Lots of love and Cookies,