What Is Better? PicMonkey vs Canva

What Is Better? PicMonkey Vs Canva

People ask me this question all the time and because I’m here to bring some rays of sunshine into the often cloudy world of DIY online entrepreneurship, let’s answer it today.

Personally, I love both these tools more than Cookie Dough Ice cream because:

1) You can consume them daily without ever risking turning your trimmed waistline into something unrecognizably wobbly and undefined.

2) They can give your skin a fantastic glow and add a cup size or two to your saggy post-pregnancy boobs at the push of a button.

3) They are totally un-nerdy, (almost) free, much more appropriate for non-techy entrepreneurs than Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and if you use them strategically, they can help you boost your business like nothing else.

crappy 1st impression

What are the most important things you can do with PicMonkey?

1) Edit photos like a pro, i.e. adjust colors, apply filters, remove backgrounds, overlay text, cut, crop, clone, turn crappy images into something amazing (and about 13,521 things more).

2) Use whatever font you’ve desperately fallen in love with because it’s more visually stimulating than your sweetest late-night mind movie.

(Watch my logo video to learn how to use Google fonts with PicMonkey).

3) Design amazing icons, background textures for eBooks or your website, social media buttons or visuals etc. from scratch and thus

-> create your unique signature design step-by-step.

-> build brand awareness wherever you and your products make an appearance.

-> leave an “OMG, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE” impression, which converts random visitors into loyal subscribers and raving fans.

Since these are just the most important things we can do with PicMonkey, you are probably wondering:

Why would anyone still need Canva?

Canva is a great option when:

1) You feel more likely to have triplets with your vasectomized ex-partner than come up with a visual that will actually make people want to learn more about you and your products.

In this case, Canva’s ready-made and customizable design templates are extremely handy.

2) You need an image quickly , or want to save and edit your designs later.

3) You want to compare designs or duplicate pages, e.g. for a short worksheet series.

Because Canva can be extremely slow and has no spell-checker, you do NOT want to use it for longer documents or even eBooks.

Now let me be as clear as Kim Kardashian’s bootie is gravely out of proportion:

When I tried to work with Canva for the very first time, I found it rather confusing and less intuitive than my “I. Don’t. Read. Manuals. Period!” mind would have loved it to be.

It can also drive you more than just a little nuts when, for some mysterious reason, your downloaded design does so NOT look like the one on your screen.

Fonts are limited (which is a BIG minus in the branding department), and so are its photo editing options.

On the other hand, Canva has a built-in stock photo portfolio, which is just one dollar a pic.

So if you ask me: PicMonkey vs Canva? – my answer is:

They are both great for different things.

Do you want to

-> design from scratch,

-> brand your visuals like a pro,

-> PIMP each and every little visual element on your website to leave that “OMG – I LOVE THIS WEBSITE” impression and

-> turn your own crappy-ish photos into something that looks really compelling in your PDFs or eBooks?

before and after PicMonkey photo

Then PicMonkey is your magic tool to make your visitors drool and your competitors burst with brand envy.

Do you want to get some design inspiration and start with an eBook cover, a header or social media posts?

pancake affair

Check out Canva first. In my DIY eBook and PDF Design Class I’m showing you how to create some AWESOME covers and other visuals, and I’m taking away all the frustration and overwhelm you might feel when facing Canva on your own.

Any questions about these tools? Ask them below!

In my next blog post series I’m gonna show you ALL the tools I’m using myself to create beautiful opt-in boxes, videos, sales pages and so much more.

Let’s Pimp Your Biz together,